“Julio is also very adept at finding The Glide, which, aside from a state of mind, is also a physical place on the wave. While the shortboarder is looking to rip the wave apart, the longboarder is searching for the perfect position of trim that affords him a moment of utter relaxation – a state of grace, you might say – because any further movement or weight shift on his perfectly planning surfboard would only serve to disrupt the elegant equilibrium of his place in the world.”

Allan C. Weisbecker – In Search of Captain Zero


Paul’s furry appearance is most likely to catch your eye while building a fire on the beach or calling you into a perfect wave at sunset. He truly believes that the ocean is the most awe-inspiring place on the planet and has the ability to elevate one’s soul to levels of enlightenment. After paying his dues learning the rhythms of the Northwest Pacific’s frigid waters, Paul has been creating art on the faces of waves for over a decade. Paul has worked as a surf guide at remote lodges in both Canada and the tropics and has taught lessons to hundreds of people. His beliefs remain firm that anyone can surf, and everyone should!

Paul has been surfing and instructing for over a decade.  He received his teaching certificate from the BCASI (British Columbia Association of Surf Instructors) and has taught lessons out of the coastal Canadian towns of Tofino and Ucluelet, taught for two years in Nicaragua, and is a surf guide on Nootka Island, British Columbia. Paul’s teaching strategy is patient and personalized.

Surf Guiding

Surfing involves much more than standing on a surfboard in the ocean; tides, swells, board rentals, rips, locals, secret spots, urchins, dolphins, red tide, rash guards, zinc, wax, leashes, the list goes on and on. Having a personal guide during those initial days of surf or initial days of a new zone, can and will make the difference in your ocean experience.

Your surf experience will take first time surfers on a thorough, informative and comfortable learning experience. A typical surf day will include a sunrise briefing to determine where the best surf of the day will be, a beach breakdown of tide, swell and suggested surf tactics as well as in water coaching and assistance and evening debrief. Experiences can be tailored for one-on-one coaching, small groups, or expert guiding and exploration.

Your surf experience will not merely be the physical act of learning how to surf. Paul will also set the stage for each surfer to catapult their experience to an elevated level. Boat trips, jungle/forest hikes, and local insider knowledge can all be expected to be integrated into your trip.

The ocean has an amazing ability to humble, teach and guide us into new realms. Paul will be there to guide your experience as would a sherpa in the Himalayan mountains.

 *For advanced surfers, guiding will be tailored for advanced performance surfing and guided trips.

Some of our favourite surf spots….

  • Nootka Island, Pacific NorthWest (untouched, uninhabited, unspoiled, needless to say uncrowded- waves, waves, and more waves. Not to mention: old growth forests, bears, wolves, mushrooms, fish, waterfalls, boat rides, orca whales, etc. etc. )
  • Central and Northern Nicaragua (there’s way more than just San Juan Del Sur…)
  • Sayulita and San Pancho, Mexico (Sayulita is fun, but the empty waves surrounding it are even more fun…)
  • Ucluelet & Tofino, Vancouver Island (all the nooks and cranny’s of the Barkley Sound and Clayoquot Sound, and a couple beaches in between…)
  • Tortola, British Virgin Islands (crystal clear water and uncrowded waves!