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Feathers and Fur believe that healthy activity and mindful practice are the secrets to a happy and healthy life.
Together they have created a unique platform which combines ancient traditions with new methodologies. Laying claim to any particular practice is not their cup of tea, but rather exploring all of life’s beautiful and captivating rhythms in a multitude of ways to awaken the soul and evoke the inner child in everyone.

Danielle’s expertise lies in her feathering grace on the yoga mat with a combined ten years of study and over four years of teaching.  Any nook or cranny at which to sit or practice seamlessly becomes her sanctuary.

Danielle practices and teaches to bring more depth and connection to the every day.  Whether it be honouring the lunar cycle, paying homage to a challenging surf, preparing for the cold of winter or celebrating community…she meets each student where they are.

In turn, challenging and inspiring students to stretch wholeheartedly into the ever-expanding art and science of yoga and the universal rhythms.

Paul’s furry appearance is most likely to catch your eye while building a fire on the beach or calling you into a perfect wave at sunset. He truly believes that the ocean is the most awe-inspiring place on the planet and has the ability to elevate one’s soul to levels of enlightenment. After paying his dues learning the rhythms of the Northwest Pacific’s frigid waters, Paul has been creating art on the faces of waves for over a decade. Paul has worked as a surf guide at remote lodges in both Canada and the tropics and has taught lessons to hundreds of people. His beliefs remain firm that anyone can surf, and everyone should!

Paul has been surfing and instructing for over a decade.  He received his teaching certificate from the BCASI (British Columbia Association of Surf Instructors) and has taught lessons out of the coastal Canadian towns of Tofino and Ucluelet, taught for two years in Nicaragua, and is a surf guide on Nootka Island, British Columbia. Paul’s teaching strategy is patient and personalized.

Why the Surf Sherpa and the Yoga Yeti you ask?

We have a deep respect for the traditions that the Sherpa people of the Himalayas weave into their explorations, honouring the spirits that inhabit every mountain, cave and forest. Similarly, we firmly believe in honouring the traditions of each place we are blessed to surf, traverse and explore. The Yeti symbolizes the unknown and the magic of these natural places, which inspires us to forever search for a greater connection and understanding to the edges of this grand universe we live in.


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